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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


会post这个主题是因为一位格友Wendy发现在茨场街其中一间店买的swarovski 是假的。更惊人的是,原来Beading.com的老板在两年半前也被骗过。这证明了这间无良商家在这几年欺骗了许许多多不知情的朋友,浪费大家的血汗钱买下劣等货。

为此,wendy 特地写了一篇如何分辨Swarovski真假的文章。因为事件发生在我们身边,因此我觉得有必要在此跟大家分享,警惕一下:

文章转载自: Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

How to Distinguish between Fake and Genuine Swarovski

Gosh.. I still can't believe that I was cheated and i guess many beaders who frequent this bead shop in jalan petaling have been cheated as well. I'm not mentioning the name of the shop, but it's a bead shop towards the end of Jalan Petaling, opposite ATC College. If you, owner of the shop is reading this post, you should be feeling guilty of your acts and stop telling customers that you are selling to them Swarovski crystals. Phew.. fortunately I seldom use Swarovski crystals :)But still the feeling of being cheated arise whenever i look at them. No wonder when i pour them into the containers, they dun sparkle that much and looks more dull than genuine ones.

Can you tell which is fake Swarovski and which is genuine? The colours look very similar actually. Look closely, bicone number 1 and 2 does not show its facet cuts as much as bicone 3 and 4 rite? That's because bicone 1 and 2 are fakes!Ok.. what actually happen is this, I was chatting with Steve of (he was also cheated 3 years ago before he established this shop) . If you guys haven known, this bead shop one of the 2 Swarovski Create Your Style Partners. Means that, they are overlooked and trained by the staffs of genuine Swarovski company. So it started off with just normally chit chat until i told him where i got my Swarovski's from and the cost price. and guess what? He exclaimed that that price is below his cost price!!! Then he so kindly impart his expertise on me. Now i can be expert also d.. hehehe.. After i explain you also can check whether the Swarovski that you purchase is genuine or not. Ok.. i'll explain them from the pictures below.

Look at Side B of this green bicone. See properly and you can see the top edge is very much thinner than the bottom edge. The edges are not smooth as well, means they are quite jagged and you can see bumps with your naked eye. Just turn on your table lamp to shine on them.

Check the genuine one out. Genuine Swarovski bicones have 2 distinctive thickness at both sides. One side is thicker and one side thinner. However thick or thin, they are regular in size and smooth.

This picture shows a comparison of the fake and genuine. Note that the thick edge of the genuine crystal is thicker than the fake one? You can also clearly see the smoothness of it is compared to the fake one.

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