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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

玫瑰 + 铜线

简单的作品,用铜线围绕玫瑰花,一如以往喜欢的方式。这次在低下作了几个loop, 要来垂吊珠珠的。
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  1. oohh... so pretty..... do you sell your work? or do you have like workshop for these?

  2. thks Shera... i do sell my work.... to balance up my income... haha..... just go to find out the details..... or click "My Shop" at the menu bar....

  3. Hi hi!! Gong hei, gong hei!! Happy Chinese New year Joan, may this year bring you prosperity and happiness!! Lovely rose!! I like the combination, really! Oh, I have something for you over at my blog, come over and collect it :)


  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai..:)
    When free to meet up:)
    let come makan makan:P
    see ya dear:)

    yalo..u wana join rantai GAZA event?it is on Feb 7 10am til 10pm at amcorp mall, oly RM30 but your sales 15% need to contribute to the Gaza.*this one i no join tak sempat.
    And another one is the Romance 195 by bijou..u check this link..
    More info at

  5. wat is the wire name call?

    where i can buy it?

  6. this is Artistic Wire, i bought it from singapore. u can also check here

    i found that they have bring in the product recently. a bit expensive, but better quality compare to china cooper wire.