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Sunday, 15 March 2009

Set for Dinner

I've made a dinner set in pink and brown color.
beads cap 是叶子形状,跟粉红色完全绝佩。耳环的钩是我自己弄的,看得出来有什么不同吗?弄耳钩的wire 是跟Wendy买的。0.6 mm的硬度跟厚度做耳钩刚刚好。
This is the pink set. The leaf beads cap is totally matched with pinked beads. I made the earring hook myself, by European made silver plated wires from Wendy. 0.6 mm wire was just fine for earring hook.

注意看他的beads cap哦!看起来是不是很lace的感觉?我超喜欢的。
This is brown color. I love the lace alike beads cap, it's adorable.

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