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Friday, 26 March 2010

Hand Glove? Arm Glove?

Should i call it hand glove? or arm glove?
I still remember my mom got something similar when i'm still a little girl. She'll wear it whenever she is out of the house, in order to protect her arm/hand from the sun light.
I've made myself a pair for the same purpose, but i'll only wear it when i'm driving.
Red Plaid fabric with some white cotton lace added, does it kawaii enought? emm.... it's too kawaii to me ^.^


  1. Good ler!!!

    You so hardworking to sew at mid nite... me, this week no productive at all...

  2. hoyoyi jia you ahh.....waiting for ur machine to come

  3. hi joan, did u sell this arm glove?

  4. hi ling, i've gv this glove to my sister, however, i can remake ^.^ please email to for more details