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Friday, 28 May 2010

Wesak day holiday's handmade

It's holiday again ^.^
I'm enjoy my time to sew a flex frame pouch which i've planned for long time.
I've an online tutorial on hand, but i couldn't understood >.<
This sweet sweet strawberry fabric is a gift from Hoyoyi. We used to exchange craft materials to each other.
cotton lace and red linen podka dot fabric.
inner layer.
see, the way to open flex frame. You can get the flex frame at MayMayShop
what a wonderful holiday ^.^


  1. nice nice.. 真的很漂亮又精緻的作品啊。

  2. hey..i gav u my lovely fabric, u sew one for me. kekeke...2day passby fabric shop at nilai but din go in. Find 1 day we go together, want or nor? :p