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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sterling Silver Wirework Workshop Nov & Dec 2016

Sterling Silver Wirework Workshop Nov & Dec 2016

Date Available
27/11/2016 (Sunday)
18/12/2016 (Sunday)

1pm - 4pm

Bandar Sungai Long

Workshop content:
Learn to make a simple wirework project within 2-3 hours.
- basic knowledge of wire, i.e. wire type, sizes and hardness
- the usage of different tools and equipment
- Basic skills of jewelry making
- how to hand formed the wire
- how to wrap the wire
- how to finish the pendant

RM 120 for 1 project.
RM 110 each for enroll 2 - 3 projects at the same time.
RM 100 each for enroll all 4 projects at the same time.

- Max 6 pax available for each session.
- you may choose to learn any of the above workshop, A, B, C or D
- Max 2 projects / person / session.
- you may attend 2 session if enrolled for 3 - 4 session.
- All material included (assorted sterling silver wire, and swarovski element pearl) and a steps by steps instruction will be provide.
- All tools provided at loan basis.
- to enroll, pm or email to or FB Msg us ^.^

银绕工作坊 11/12 月2016

- 线材基本知识, 例如种类,尺寸,软硬度
- 工具基本使用方式
- 饰品的基本制作技巧
- 如何制作框架
- 如何缠绕线材
- 如何完成作品

RM 120 报名一个设计
RM 110 (每个)同时报名二至三个设计
RM 100 (每个) 同时报名4个设计

- 工作坊采取小班制,每时段最多六人。
- 每人每时段最多2个设计。
- 如报名 3至4个设计,您需要至少出席两个时段。
- 学费含所有材料和提供借用工具。
- 有兴趣的朋友可以电邮至 报名或PM 我们询问详情

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Simple Sterling Silver Stud Earring - Making in Progress

The making of a pair of simple stud, well.... not really simple, it involved many steps to make it the perfect one. This is only my own way to do it, and there are many many other way by different people. Welcome to give some of your comment for improvement ^.^

Make some half round shape
Arrange it on a straight wire
Apply some flux at the joining part

Put on solder chip at the joining part
Fire until the solder completely melted
The piece

Put in water to cool down
Cut it out according to the shape
File the rough edge

further filing with diamond file
Solder the ear pin
The piece before pickle and sand paper

Pickle the piece to remove flux
Sand paper to make smooth
Polishing in the magnetic tumbler

Finish product
Many many studs ^.^