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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Simple Sterling Silver Stud Earring - Making in Progress

The making of a pair of simple stud, well.... not really simple, it involved many steps to make it the perfect one. This is only my own way to do it, and there are many many other way by different people. Welcome to give some of your comment for improvement ^.^

Make some half round shape
Arrange it on a straight wire
Apply some flux at the joining part

Put on solder chip at the joining part
Fire until the solder completely melted
The piece

Put in water to cool down
Cut it out according to the shape
File the rough edge

further filing with diamond file
Solder the ear pin
The piece before pickle and sand paper

Pickle the piece to remove flux
Sand paper to make smooth
Polishing in the magnetic tumbler

Finish product
Many many studs ^.^